Yesteryear Steering Wheel Restoration is where we perform minor miracles on vintage steering wheels and put a smile on the faces of car enthusiasts. Classic steering wheel refurbishing is what we do, it’s our passion, and it’s a handcrafted skill we’ve perfected over many decades.

Take a look at projects we’ve completed for happy customers and you will see that there’s still hope for the rather lacklustre vintage steering wheel you have sitting in your garage. Don’t stop at restoring the car when you can now complete the project by bringing a new shine to the classic steering wheel.

When we refinish steering wheels we use specially developed techniques that bring new life to vintage steering wheels while retaining their original style and features. Find out more about the services we offer, or check out our frequently asked questions for other questions you might have about what we do. Otherwise, please get in touch and chat with our friendly team to find out more and discuss how we can bring your vintage steering wheel back to life.